Facilities at Simferopol Airport

Food & Drink at Simferopol Airport

Simferopol Airport has a variety of food and drink options. Travellers have the choice of several coffee shops, pubs, restaurants, fast food joint, bars, an ice cream shop and a juice bar.

Shopping at Simferopol Airport

An assortment of retailers can be found in the Simferopol Airport terminal building, including clothing shops, jewellery shops, a mobile phone shop, souvenir stores, newsagents and a duty free. Additionally, pharmacy chain Zdorovye Ludi has a store at Simferopol Airport.
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Banking Services

In the common area on the ground floor, banking services are offered by the Russian National Commercial Bank and JSC Bank Rossiya

Business & VIP Lounge

Business Lounge: The business lounge at Simferopol Airport is found on the third floor of the passenger terminal. Visitors to the air-conditioned business lounge can take advantage of comfy furniture, unlimited food and drink from the buffet, newspapers and magazines and satellite TV. The business lounge is served with free WiFi and is equipped with charging stations. Additionally, business lounge customers will be transfer to the airplane separately. The price for the business lounge at Simferopol Airport is currently 4000 roubles per person.

VIP Lounge: Found on the first floor of passenger terminal, the VIP lounge takes the comfort of the business lounge to another luxurious level. VIP lounge customers have their own separate entrance to the terminal and are transferred to their aircraft privately with a premium-class vehicle. Additionally, VIP lounge guests can take advantage of business services including private space to conduct meetings and negotiatins. The cost of entry to the VIP lounge is 12500 roubles.