Simferopol Airport Hotels

There are a handful of hotels located a short distance from Simferopol Airport, with many more hotels found in the town of Simferopol itself. Below are a few recommendations for Simferopol Airport Hotels as well as more information on the accommodation options in the town centre.

Hotels near Simferopol Airport

Отель «Space» – Space Hotel

The modern Space Hotel is located near the old terminal building, a couple of kilometres from the new airport building. The Space Hotel offers chic rooms, free parking and conference facilities. Additionally, low-cost airport transfers can be booked via the hotel.

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Гостиница аэропорта Симферополь – Hotel Simferopol Airport

Also located near the old terminal building, Hotel Simferopol Airport offers low-cost airport transfers to the new terminal. Single, double, triple and quad rooms are available and the hotel has an onsite cafe, parking and a gym with table tennis tables.

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Мини-отель Аэропорт – Mini-Hotel Airport

A small but welcoming hotel, the Mini-Hotel Airport was renovated in 2017 and is located near the old terminal. The Mini-Hotel Airport offers five rooms with a range of furnishings. Paid parking can be found nearby and a shuttle service can be arranged.

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Hotels in Simferopol

Alternatively, you can could stay at one of the many hotels in the town centre of Simferopol. Most hotels in the town are only a 25-30 minute taxi-ride from the airport, and many offer a shuttle service for a small charge.

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Reaching your hotel

As mentioned, some Simferopol hotels offer a free shuttle service to and from the airport. You may also decide to travel with a taxi, or use public transport. Find out more about your Simferopol Airport transfer options.